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Your support fuels a transformative journey towards an Earth where creativity thrives, communities flourish, and change reverberates globally.

How You Make a Difference

Your support enables us to:

🌐 Reallocate Resources: We channel your donations through grantmaking and direct-aid towards grassroots community organizing amplifying voices often unheard and paving the way for meaningful change for a better planet.

→ Learn about Protectores de la Tierra, AfroIndigenous Food Access Project in Nuquí, Chocó, Colombia

→ Learn about our grantmaking

🔧 Nurture Dreams: Through your generosity, we offer scholarships and free or no-cost educational programs, content, training, coaching and artist-in-residence programs necessary for artists to unlock their full potential and ignite sparks of creativity.

→ Learn about our 2024 Artist in Residence, Tambacum!

→ Learn about our Strategic Planning Institute

→ Learn about the Building Our Own Tables Podcast

📣 Build Community: Your contribution strengthens our ability to connect, share, and collaborate—building bridges that span continents and cultures, uniting us in a shared vision of a brighter tomorrow. We curate gatherings, retreats, and events on land that helps us reconnect to live in harmony with ourselves and the planet.

→ Learn about the Healing Justice Grassroots Initiative

→ Learn about Festival del Tamborito

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Together, let's paint a world where creativity knows no bounds, where communities thrive, and where every dream finds its voice.

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Why Donate?

🖌️ Supporting Artists: Your generosity directly uplifts the creative souls whose works inspire, challenge, and move us. By backing them, you're fostering a culture where artistic expression knows no bounds. We provide programs to nurture the dreams of artists like our artist-in-residence, strategic planning institute, coaching, courses and podcast.

🌱 Powering Community Building: We believe in the profound connection between art and community. Your contribution fuels our efforts to nurture dreams and allocate resources sustainably, intertwining our endeavors with the nurturing embrace of Mother Earth herself. We produce music and arts festivals, retreats and healing circles.

🌊 Creating Ripple Effects: Every donation acts as a pebble cast into the pond of change. Together, we create waves that ripple outward, touching lives, sparking innovation, and fostering a more just and equitable world for all. We offer scholarships to our education programs, give out free food from our farms, and are creating an international grantmaking program.


In accordance with local, state, and federal laws, LiberArte reserves the right to utilize all donations as deemed fit by our organization.

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