About Our Work

The Power of Art to Liberate People and Create Change

Art has the ability to bring people together, break down barriers and challenge the status quo. 

Art transcends barriers. 

By using art to raise awareness of important issues, we are working to create a thriving planet.

Join us and let's make this world a better place for everyone.

Supporting Artists in Their Work: Investing in a Brighter Future

By supporting artists, we support the world. 

However, the path of an artist is not always easy. Many artists face financial difficulties, lack of recognition, and lack of opportunities. 

Our programs are designed to help artists overcome challenges and continue to create and share their art.

New Earth Nonprofit Arts Organization

LiberArte is a 501(c)(3) United States nonprofit. We are growing an international movement of transformational grassroots artists and organizations for a thriving planet.

We artists, creatives and visionaries through infrastructure, skills, communication channels, and solidarity. 


Yura Sapi
Farm Director
Yowar Mosquera
Artist In Residence
Marketing Strategist
Valentina Gutierrez
Accounting Consultant
Moshiur Rasul
Educator & Facilitator
Kadijah Spence
Board President
Christiamilda Correa
Board Member
Isa Tenesaca
Board Member
Carlota Vargas

Partnerships & Alliances

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🎨 Join Us in Nurturing Artists and our Earth! 🌍

Your support fuels a transformative journey towards an Earth where creativity thrives, communities flourish, and change reverberates globally.

How You Make a Difference

Your support enables us to:

🌐 Reallocate Resources: We channel your donations through grantmaking and direct-aid towards grassroots community organizing amplifying voices often unheard and paving the way for meaningful change for a better planet.

→ Learn about Protectores de la Tierra, AfroIndigenous Food Access Project in Nuquí, Chocó, Colombia

→ Learn about our grantmaking

🔧 Nurture Dreams: Through your generosity, we offer scholarships and free or no-cost educational programs, content, training, coaching and artist-in-residence programs necessary for artists to unlock their full potential and ignite sparks of creativity.

→ Learn about our 2024 Artist in Residence, Tambacum!

→ Learn about our Strategic Planning Institute

→ Learn about the Building Our Own Tables Podcast

📣 Build Community: Your contribution strengthens our ability to connect, share, and collaborate—building bridges that span continents and cultures, uniting us in a shared vision of a brighter tomorrow. We curate gatherings, retreats, and events on land that helps us reconnect to live in harmony with ourselves and the planet.

→ Learn about the Healing Justice Grassroots Initiative

→ Learn about Festival del Tamborito

Ready to Make a Difference?

Join us today in our mission to inspire, uplift, and transform. Your donation isn't just a gift; it's a catalyst for change.

Together, let's paint a world where creativity knows no bounds, where communities thrive, and where every dream finds its voice.

Donate now and become a part of something extraordinary.

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