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With a background in arts management, spiritual healing modalities, farming and professional arts training, Yura Sapi will help you overcome a specific issue you are working through in a session.

After starting and co-founding various businesses, projects and initiatives including a 501c3 nonprofit, an Airbnb tourism hostel, a 6 hectare farm and food sovereignty, a podcast on all major platforms, an brick and mortar LGBTIQ+ healing and arts venue, and consulting practice, Yura has seen it all.    

We'll focus on addressing a specific problem you're facing head-on. Whether it's a career hurdle, personal block, or life challenge, you'll receive dedicated support to navigate through it

Through soul-purpose coaching, visualization, meditation, and practical strategies, gain clarity and insight into the root of the problem and identify actionable steps to overcome obstacles and create positive change.

With Yura's compassionate guidance and expertise, emerge empowered and equipped to face challenges confidently, bidding farewell to uncertainty and embracing clarity and progress. 

Transform your challenges into opportunities for growth and success in one focused session.

It's time to manifest our liberated future.

As creatives who want solutions for the world’s problems, through our movements and through our presence in the world, it's essential to have a space to be uplifted and guided towards clear pathways towards our own dreams.

Yura's coaching style combines soul purpose (dharma) coaching, creative visualization and manifestation, freedom meditation, energetic clearing rituals (limpias), the arts, and business management insights to help you see all the steps to move forward confidently and with ease.


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