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The traditional music group Tambacum from the Golfo de Tribugá is a community process that was born on May 20, 2020 in the municipality of Nuquí, Chocó in the Calle de la Virgen neighborhood. 

Here we connect with our ancestral knowledge, our nature and our roots through music and different artistic expressions that allow the internal community fabrics to be regenerated between different generations (children, young people and the elderly), rescuing trust and knowledge.

Our presentations as a musical group carry the entire history of cultural and neighborhood experiences through rhythms such as Tamborito and Cumbancha. Our voices, our drums and our energy make the hearts of those who accompany our presentations beat.

We are Nuquí, we are Pacific, we are roots.

Participation in different cultural events include: First place Traditional and Campesino Music Festival 2021, “Despensa Agrícola de Colombia”, Cajamarca, Tolima; Chocó FLECHO Reading and Writing Festival 2023; Cumbancha Festival 2021 and 2022; Organizers and promoters of the Tamborito Festival 2023 and 2021; Coquí Downpour Festival, Nuquí, Chocó 2021; festivities of the Virgen del Carmen, cultural evenings on the beach, etc.

Photo by Paula OG

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