August 2 | At We The Land Convening | Northampton, MA

New Earth School: Plant Wisdom Transmissions

New Earth School:
Plant Wisdom Transmissions

Facilitated by
Yura Sapi (they/them)

Step into a world where plants talk to you sharing their wisdom with answers to your deepest questions…

Join us for New Earth School: Plant Wisdom Transmissions to learn how to communicate with plants. Rediscover your role as a creator and steward of Mother Earth.No matter who we are, we as humans are stewards of Mother Earth and it’s time to remember our power in bringing to life our liberated future.

We are beings entrusted with the responsibility of nurturing our planet. New Earth Bodies is your opportunity to reconnect with the natural world and explore the profound connection between humans and plants. Join this immersive experience where you’ll learn the ancient arts of communicating with plants through a series of hands-on activities, guided meditations and interactive discussions. Unlock these sacred codes, journey to self-discovery and re-awaken your connection to the Earth. We are birthing the rEvolution towards a liberated and harmonious future.
Are you ready? New Earth School awaits you. Join us to sow the seeds of transformation together.


Yura Sapi (they/them) is a visionary leader, creative activist, and interdisciplinary artist dedicated to co-creating joyful and abundant futures in harmony with each other and Mother Earth. Yura is Indigenous Kichwa, with Ecuadorian and Colombian citizenship and a lifelong connection to their birthplace on Manahatta island.
Embracing their Kichwa name, Yura embodies strong roots and a profound connection to trees and plants. Guided by deeply-held personal values and an intimate relationship with the Earth, Moon cycles, and the Sun, Yura's work as a farmer is rooted in global Indigenous wisdom. As a Freedom Meditation teacher, Reiki practitioner and Dharma/ Soul Purpose coach, their work reflects a deep commitment to promoting collective liberation and advancing the cause of healing as true justice.

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