May 7-9 | At We Give Summit | ONLINE

Soulful Navigation: Rediscovering Your Role in the rEvolution

Soulful Navigation: Rediscovering Your Role in the rEvolution

Description: Everyone has a role in the rEvolution on Earth-- the transformation to propel us towards a thriving planet where all beings experience joy and harmony. Join this guided experience led by Yura Sapi to rediscover your soul's purpose to serve the movement. Enlisting your higher self and your personalized support systems that help you along the way, we will draw in the future timeline that has overcome all challenges. We will call forth insights to get us there leveraging your unique talents and skills. Join us to co-create a new reality unleashing your unique potential. Welcome to your soul's rEvolution.


Collective giving continues to play a crucial role in supporting and cultivating a democratic society. At We Give Summit, we’ll Activate Together and explore actionable ways to navigate the current philanthropic and political landscape. Across three days, members of collective giving groups, community leaders, philanthropy experts, and social impact newcomers from around the world will gather to connect and learn from one another.

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