Festival del Tamborito

January 5-7, 2024 | Nuquí, Chocó, Colombia

Lodging & Meals

We are honored to announce our partnership for this year’s festival with Hotel and Restaurante Delfín Real, a locally, Black-owned hotel made from all-natural wood from the region committed to quality and comfort for all who visit. A great night’s rest and located right in the center of Nuquí.

*Vegetarian and vegan meals available by request.


Do I need a passport to travel to Colombia?


Do I need a visa to enter Colombia?

A visa is not required for U.S. Americans traveling to Colombia for less than 90 days.

Do I need a COVID test to enter Colombia?

Visitors to Colombia are no longer required to provide proof of vaccination or negative PCR test. We ask you to provide a negative PCR (at home) test taken within 72 hours of your flight.

Are flights to and from Colombia included?


Which airport do I fly in and out of?

We recommend flying into the Jose Maria Cordova International Airport (MDE) international airport in Medellín. Then, take a flight on airlines Satena or Clic Air from the Olaya Herrera Airport (EOH) national airport in Medellín directly to Nuquí, Reyes Murillo Airport (NQU). Keep in mind the two airports in Medellín are about an hour drive away from each other. You will need to take a cab to get to the other airport. When booking your Festival Visitor Package our team will help you coordinate your travel.

Will I have free time?

Yes, there will be time for you in the morning and around meal times to explore Nuquí, hang out on the beach and get to know the barrio. You are also welcome to opt out of any of the festival activities at any time.

Can I stay longer than 3 nights?

Absolutely! Included in your festival package is concierge support service to help you plan and book your extended trip pre or post festival dates. We give you access to our network of locally-owned businesses, discounts, and beautiful spots to visit in this incredible paradise that is Nuquí and the Gulf of Tribugá. Visit the national park Utría, hot springs and waterfalls, take a surf trip to beginner, intermediate or advanced locations, experience a cooking class in the gastronomy and ancestral wisdom center in Coquí, hike the forest and bath in the pristine rivers and beaches along the coast.

Once booked we’ll work with you and your specific requests to make your trip the ultimate experience of the magic of Nuquí.

Are payment plans available?

Yes. Please contact us to create a plan that works for you.

Can I opt out of the $200 USD festival donation?

We are honored to provide a festival experience that allows for a just exchange to truly support the needs of the community, artists and organizers. By opting out of the festival donation, we ask that you consider what ways you would be able to support the festival to a similar or greater extent and can coordinate with you on a case by case basis to create a festival package that welcomes your offering.

Can I participate as a volunteer?

We are welcoming volunteers starting with our community mural work the 3rd of January who have been to Nuquí before, know what to expect of the region, and have contacts in the community to coordinate with. We offer a room and board work exchange with the local community. If you are interested in supporting this festival as a volunteer please contact us to discuss your skills and the type of support you’d like to offer.

Why should I attend the Festival del Tamborito?

Attending the Festival del Tamborito not only offers you a unique cultural experience but also supports the local community, local businesses, and the transmission of cultural traditions to the younger generations. It's an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate the rich heritage of Nuquí and interact with the local culture in a meaningful way.


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