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The criteria used to select recipients include financial need; proposed impact and reach, intersectional equity, diversity and inclusion; prior artistic performance or experience; and mission alignment to LiberArte's purpose: to build racial, social and climate justice worldwide.


The selection committee will be composed of the Board of Directors and committee members nominated by and approved by the Board of Directors. The selection committee will consist of non-biased, non-participating artists, creative activists and nonprofit organizations with equitable representation in terms of race, gender, class, and age.

Relatives of the selection committee who are otherwise eligible for awards will be allowed to apply. Members of the selection committee who are relatives to applicants will recuse themselves from discussions and votes regarding the applicant.


To continue increase opportunity to be considered for future grants, grant recipients are to share their program outcomes, evidence of continued presentations of artistic work, and providing reports on the efficacy of any grants previously received.

LiberArte, Inc. will require reports for how the funds are used outcomes the recipients received from both the artist and nonprofit organization recipients. LiberArte, Inc. will implement procedures for taking action if the terms of the award are violated, including prohibiting the organization from receiving LiberArte, Inc. grants in the future.

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