Cosmic Creations 2024: Pluto in Aquarius Visioning Workshop

Webinar - Starts Jan 21 at 4:00 PM EST

If you're envisioning BIG things for your 2024 projects, this workshop is your cosmic playground. Let's co-create a new era together! Illuminate the universe with your cosmic brilliance! The workshop provides a sacred space for you to explore, create, and align your vision with the collective movement towards positive change.


Welcome to "Cosmic Creations 2024: Pluto in Aquarius Visioning Workshop," an immersive experience crafted for those ready to embrace radical transformation and become catalysts for change in their lives and in the world.

🌌  This workshop is a guided experience designed to activate your desire for systemic transformation while unlocking your unique potential for personal and collective growth within the movement. With Pluto in Aquarius, the energies align for a revolutionary exploration of creativity and vision.

🚀 Your guide, Freedom Meditation Teacher and Shamanic Earth Evolution Reiki Practitioner, Yura Sapi, will lead you through guided meditations and dynamic reflection exercises to tap into the wisdom of Pluto in Aquarius for your forward movement. This workshop is not just about personal growth; it's a collective movement towards a New Earth Era.

Visionaries, creatives, and change-makers, this is your time to shine.

⏰ Join us on January 21st for a 2-hour workshop, as the celestial energies align to amplify the impact of your visionary pursuits. This is a unique moment to rebel against the status quo and create the shifts necessary for personal, societal and earthly evolution.

🌍 Pluto in Aquarius invites you to shed old paradigms, rEvolutionize against limitations, and actively contribute to the creation of a new, enlightened era. The workshop provides a sacred space for you to explore, create, and align your vision with the collective movement towards positive change.

🌟 Workshop Cost: $75 USD. Includes lifetime access to the workshop recording. Secure your spot now for a cosmic journey into intentional living and visionary creation.

🌈 Join us at "Cosmic Creations 2024" to be part of a transformative experience that not only shapes your destiny but contributes to the emergence of a New Earth Era. 🌠✨


Your Guide

Yura Sapi (they/them) is an indigenous Kichwa and mestiza non-binary Colombian, Ecuadorian and U.S. American artist, activist, facilitator, educator, arts manager and developing farmer at the intersection of the arts, social justice and healing. They hold a BFA in Theatre Arts from Boston University and an MFA in Performing Arts Management from CUNY Brooklyn College. As a Freedom Meditation teacher, Reiki practitioner and leadership coach, their work reflects a deep commitment to promoting collective liberation and advancing the cause of healing as true justice. Yura has also trained to be a racial and social justice facilitator with artEquity, the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute, AORTA: Anti-Oppression Resource & Training Alliance, Radio Caña Negra on Anti-Blackness in the Latine Community, East Point Peace Academy on Fierce Vulnerability, and with the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond on Undoing Racism. They are a current board member of the Arts Administrators of Color Network and a member of ACRE: Artists Co-Creating Real Equity. They are the CEO and founder of, LiberArte, a 501c3 nonprofit arts organization.

Yura offers a powerful vision of what this world can look like, and their work is making that vision a reality, one step at a time.

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