Festival del Tamborito 2024

🥁🌿 Tamborito Festival 2024!

Don't miss this unforgettable cultural experience...

Attention lovers of culture and tradition! 🎉 The Tamborito Festival is back in Nuquí, Chocó, for an edition full of flavors, music and dance. 🌍✨

What is the Tamborito Festival?

It is more than a festival, it is the steward of an ancestral heritage.

We immerse ourselves in three days full of history, dance, traditional music and, above all, the vibrant energy of the people of Tamborito music. 🥁🎶

What awaits us?

🗣️ Conversations with the guardians of this rich tradition.

🎨 Urban art in tribute to our musical roots and biodiversity.

💃🏾 Parades and dance competitions with traditional dress.

🌿 Visits to rural spaces focused on the production of clean food and traditional planting.

🛍️ Artisanal markets full of colors and authentic flavors.


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