Sánate Sanando BALISTIKAL

Posted On JULY 15, 2023

Heal Yourself Healing ≈ BALISTIKAL: An Online Event of Transformation and Wellness

[Virtual Event] – On Sunday, July 30, 2023, the LGBTIQPA+ community are invited to join ≈ Sánate Sanando BALISTIKAL, an extraordinary online event dedicated to healing and personal growth. 

Presented by Balistikal, a project of LiberArte, this event promises to take participants on a transformative journey to find inner peace and balance amidst the cosmic energies of the Venus retrograde.

Venus, the planet associated with self-worth, abundance, and relationships, began its retrograde phase on July 22, 2023, and will continue until September 4, 2023. This unique astral moment will coincide with the ≈ Sánate Sanando BALISTIKAL event, making it an opportune time for introspection and healing.

Participants will have access to various interactive workshops and private sessions led by esteemed healers from the LGBTIQPA+ community, including:

1. David, a renowned Colombian queer professor, psychologist, and astrologer, serving as the current director of Natal Astrology Training at the Alexandria School. Offering natal, elective, and horary astrology consultations, David is also known as "La Plutonisa" and is the producer of the podcast Somos La Magia and the profile El Plutonario.

2. William Eduardo, the creative mind behind "Rana que Sana," a psychologist, designer, and explorer of imagination as a healing tool. William designs games, rituals, and experiences that ignite creativity and infuse life with magic and meaning. His work draws inspiration from archetypal psychology, ancestral wisdom, and playfulness.

3. Yura Sapi, a visionary leader, creative activist, and interdisciplinary artist, passionately advocating for anti-racism and decolonization. As an arts manager, educator, facilitator, and energy worker at the intersections of the arts, healing, and social justice, Yura offers a unique perspective that enriches their work. They extend their gratitude to the numerous healing teachers, artists, activists, and guides who have contributed to their journey.

The event features 1:1 sessions, including:

- Energy clearing of past emotions

- Earth Evolution Reiki sessions

- Astrology consultations on connecting with your Venus planetary placements

And group workshops including:

- Freedom meditation

- Circle of dreams: Working with emotional content to integrate dreams through art and play

≈ Sánate Sanando BALISTIKAL will last for five hours, commencing at 2:00 PM (Colombia time) and will be accessible online. Attendees can register for this free event to experience a powerful and transformative gathering of like-minded individuals seeking healing and growth.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to the world of healing, this event offers something for everyone. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with a community of individuals committed to self-discovery and inner harmony.

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