Sánate Sanando BALISTIKAL | 3rd September

Don't miss this free and healing online event! Sánate Sanando BALISTIKAL awaits you on Sunday, September 3, 2023, at 2:00 PM (Colombian time).

This event will provide you with a unique experience full of energy and healing. Get ready to enjoy incredible presentations of interactive workshops and inspiring private sessions by healers from the LGBTIQPA+ community.

Explore different healing techniques, meditation, and wellness practices that will help you find balance and inner peace. Connect from the comfort of your home and join this community of people seeking healing and growth together.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert in the subject, Sánate Sanando BALISTIKAL has something for you. You can't afford to miss it! Register now and prepare for a transformative experience.


Romy, a professional ontological coach from Venezuela, is a workshop facilitator and a barista by conviction. She firmly believes that productivity doesn't have to be stressful and that the purpose of life doesn't come from the sky by magic. She is part of "Emocionarte," a creative art space for adults who don't know how to draw, and she offers individual and group coaching sessions.

Agatha Salvatierra is a person with Quechua roots, identifying as non-binary (qhariwarmi), an artist, a witch, a therapist, an astrologer, and an educator. Their role is to address issues of justice, spirituality, healing, trauma, arts, and astrology from a critical perspective that doesn't center around colonialism.

Yura Sapi is a visionary leader, creative activist, and interdisciplinary artist who advocates for anti-racism and decolonization for a globally just future. As an art curator, educator, facilitator, nonprofit entrepreneur, and energy worker at the intersections of arts, healing, and social justice, Yura brings a unique perspective to their work. They have immense gratitude for healing professionals, artists, activists, fundraisers, farmers, ancestors, and guides who help them on their journey. Connect more with Yura on Instagram, LinkedIn, or 

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