Tambacum Named Artist in Residence at LiberArte: Bringing AfroColombian Rhythms to New York

Posted on December 23, 2023
LiberArte pledges support to Tambacum as it's Artist in Residence 2023-24, bolstering their journey with community outreach, professional resources, and a co-produced tour to the U.S.

Queens, New York - LiberArte Inc., known for its dedication to fostering artistic expression and cultural exchange, has announced its steadfast support for Tambacum, the esteemed Colombian music group, as they embark on their Artist in Residence journey, the first for LiberArte. Through a multifaceted approach encompassing community outreach, professional resources, and collaborative efforts, LiberArte aims to empower Tambacum in realizing their dreams and sharing their cultural heritage with audiences worldwide.

At the heart of this partnership lies LiberArte's commitment to nurturing artists and co-creating abundant futures. Recognizing Tambacum's talent and cultural significance, LiberArte has extended its support through various initiatives:

1. Community Outreach: LiberArte has mobilized its media platforms and network to amplify Tambacum's presence and engage with diverse audiences. By leveraging social media campaigns and community events, LiberArte strives to foster connections and cultivate a supportive fan base for Tambacum.

2. Professional Resources: LiberArte will facilitate resources like professional photography and headshots for Tambacum, providing them with high-quality promotional materials essential for their artistic endeavors. By investing in their visual identity, LiberArte aims to enhance Tambacum's visibility and professionalism in the music industry.

3. Co-Produced Tour: LiberArte is collaborating closely with Tambacum to co-produce a tour that will showcase their unique blend of Colombian rhythms and storytelling in the United States. Leveraging its expertise in grant writing, venue booking, and securing in-kind donations, LiberArte is dedicated to ensuring the success of Tambacum's tour, enabling them to reach new audiences and share their cultural heritage on a broader scale.

"We are proud to support Tambacum in their Artist in Residence journey," expressed Yura Sapi, CEO of LiberArte Inc. "Through our collaborative efforts, we aim to uplift Tambacum in realizing their dreams and creating meaningful connections within global communities."

As Tambacum prepares to embark on their residency and tour, LiberArte remains committed to providing unwavering support every step of the way. Together, they strive to celebrate diversity, inspire creativity, and foster a more connected and inclusive world through the power of music and cultural exchange.

For more information about Tambacum's journey and upcoming events, visit LiberArte's website or contact Yura Sapi, CEO of LiberArte Inc.


Yura Sapi

CEO, LiberArte Inc.

Email: [email protected]

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