Yura Sapi & Protectores de la Tierra named Echoing Green Fellowship Finalists in 2024 Social Impact Report

Recognized for Bold Social Impact Initiatives

April 2024

Nuquí, Chocó, Colombia – In a momentous stride towards social innovation, the CEO of LiberArte, co-founder of Protectores de la Tierra, Yura Sapi has been named as a finalist for the prestigious Echoing Green Fellowship. 

This acknowledgment comes as a testament to Yura's relentless pursuit of impactful solutions to the world's most pressing challenges.

Echoing Green, renowned for its commitment to fostering social change leaders with audacious visions, received an overwhelming response of nearly 2,100 applications for the 2024 Fellowship. Amongst this competitive pool, Yura stands out as one of the 84 Finalists featured in the esteemed Echoing Green's Social Impact Talent Report.

The report sheds light on a diverse cohort of social innovators hailing from various corners of the globe, each dedicated to driving systemic change. From pioneering initiatives that provide clean water to underserved communities in Ethiopia and Peru to spearheading efforts in affordable housing for essential workers, the Finalists are at the forefront of addressing critical global issues.

Yura's selection as a finalist underscores their commitment to making a meaningful difference in the world. 

As the world grapples with complex challenges, the acknowledgment of Yura Sapi and Protectores del la Tierra as a finalist for the Echoing Green Fellowship serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to pursue bold initiatives that have the power to transform societies for the better.

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