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Galactic Akashic Soul History Reading

Explore Your Galactic Soul History

Unlock the Mysteries of Your Cosmic Journey

Welcome to Galactic Akashic Soul History Readings

Embark on a transformative journey into the depths of your soul's cosmic origins. Through the ancient wisdom of the Akashic Records, discover lifetimes beyond Earth, connect with spiritual guides, and receive profound insights for your spiritual awakening and evolution.

Benefits of This Session:

  • Galactic Insights: Gain a multidimensional perspective on your soul's journey across galaxies and dimensions.
  • Spiritual Guidance: Connect with cosmic teachers and guides to navigate your path with clarity and purpose.
  • Energetic Healing: Clear blockages and traumas at a quantum level, facilitating deep healing and transformation.

Why Now?

Whether you're curious about your starseed origins, seeking clarity on past-life connections, or exploring spiritual awakening or ascension, these readings provide profound validation and empowerment with a deeper understanding of your cosmic journey.

Ready to Explore Your Cosmic Truth?

Schedule your Galactic Akashic Soul History Reading today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Illuminate the path to your true essence and embrace the wisdom of your galactic heritage.

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Transform your spiritual journey with Galactic Akashic Soul History Readings. 

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"As a Galactic Soul History Reader, I access the Akashic Records to provide a profound exploration of your soul's history, revealing experiences from lifetimes on and beyond Earth in other galaxies and dimensions. This metaphysical practice offers deep self-understanding, guidance, and energetic healing, helping you navigate your spiritual awakening and evolution. By connecting with your spiritual teachers and guides, you gain a multidimensional perspective and tools for healing and growth." - Galactic Akashic Reader, Yura Sapi 

Illuminate the path to your true soul essence and embrace the wisdom of your galactic heritage with a Galactic Akashic Soul History Reading.


  • "Yura helped me to discover which starseed family is part of mine and it really helped me connect more to my intuition. And to understand the problems I'm facing right now to see things from a different perspective from a bird's eye view." - Khalisah 
  • "My session with Yura was very insightful and wonderful!... I felt held, safe and understood... Let Yura support you in your journey within and finding that alignment with your purpose in this lifetime. What a blessing! Lots of love and gratitude." - Varalika
  • "Really insightful...I have an energy shift. When I first coming into the reading I was a little sad from everything I'm going through in my life and I really loved getting this pep talk through the galactic that just let me know that everything that was going on made sense. The shifting of the Earth, consciousness and humanity. And how we will continue to shift and changing my energy is really helpful." - Eli
  • "Thank you so much again for everything. A lot of memories have been coming through from other lifetimes and things have been making so much more sense. You have such a beautiful energy and are incredibly gifted. I am so eternally grateful to have crossed paths with you again in this lifetime." - Daelia

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