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Building Our Own Tables Podcast

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The Building Our Own Tables podcast supports leaders along their journeys of creation for our collective liberation. 

Knowing we are all one. Healing. Transforming. Medicine for those who are building our own, creating our own spaces that are healing, decolonizing, and leading from love. The experience is a combination of words, music, poetry, body-breath practices, meditations and visualizations, folks sharing their specific stories, science, history, and rituals.

We center voices of the global majority Black, Brown, African, Indigenous, Native, Asian, Arab, Middle Eastern, Mestiza and Dual or Multi-Race creators as a solidarity and honoring of our unique cultural wisdoms as we work to build racial, social and climate justice worldwide.

This podcast stems from Yura Sapi’s experience as a multi-disciplinary creator and facilitator of initiatives, collectives, practices and organizations expanding beyond borders. Years ago, they were hearing about efforts for marginalized folks to “get a seat at the table” in decision making at arts organizations in the United States and decided they would rather build their own table. Knowing they were not alone, they looked to the community building and oral history recording of the podcast medium, and with the support of HowlRound, the Building Our Own Tables Podcast was born.

Your donation supports lib erated spaces, like this one, that uplift, heal and encourage us to change the world.

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