Strategic Planning Institute

Strategic Planning Institute

Are you a visionary leader, artist or creative activist looking to turn your dreams into reality? Then our Strategic Planning Institute is the program for you.

We provide support to those who are envisioning and producing in our new world paradigm.

This 6 month mentorship program provides you with the skills, tools, and support you need to bring your transformative project to life.

The Strategic Planning Institute provides a scaffolded approach to strategic planning and implementation covering topics including:

  • Mission, vision, and values
  • SWOT analysis
  • Non-hierarchical structures
  • Social location
  • Transformative justice,
  • Creating a strategic plan
  • Identifying accountability partners
  • Working through limiting belief or blockages

We cultivate visionaries who create transformative projects and plans for themselves and their communities. Participants focus on either:

  • an visionary leader/artist/activist "career" plan for themselves,
  • a plan for a new project they are creating,
  • or a plan for an existing project they are transforming.

The program creates a decolonized and liberated space for participants to work in, empowering you to develop your plan for a new project, transform an existing project, or develop a plan for your life path, career, learning investments, next steps, and overall personal and community goals.

You'll also be connected with accountability partners and co-create a Network of Visionaries for ongoing support and encouragement throughout the program for those who want to create and follow through with their plan.

Upon completion of the program, you'll leave with a personalized plan to take forth into your life journey, as well as a supportive community to continue your journey with.

Join us and turn your dreams into reality!

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