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Introducing Tambacum: LiberArte's 2023-2024 Artist in Residence

Nuquí, a municipality located in the Chocó region of Colombia, is a place rich in cultural heritage and natural beauty. Among the many artistic expressions that thrive in this community, one group stands out for their dedication to preserving and sharing their ancestral traditions through music and performance. Tambacum traditional music group has recently emerged as LiberArte's new artist in residence, captivating audiences with their vibrant rhythms and melodies.

Tambacum was born on May 20, 2020, in the heart of Nuquí's Calle de la Virgen neighborhood. More than just a musical ensemble, Tambacum represents a community-driven process that connects people with their roots, nature, and ancestral knowledge. Through their music and various artistic expressions, Tambacum aims to regenerate the social fabric within the community, fostering trust and knowledge-sharing across different generations.

The group's performances are a powerful reflection of the rich cultural history and neighborhood experiences of Nuquí. With rhythms deeply rooted in the region, such as the Tamborito and the Cumbancha, Tambacum's voices, drums, and infectious energy have the power to make hearts beat in unison. Their captivating shows take audiences on a journey through Nuquí's collective memory, evoking a sense of pride and connection to their Pacific heritage.

Tambacum's talent and dedication have earned them recognition and participation in various cultural events both within and beyond the Chocó region. They were awarded first place at the prestigious 2021 Traditional and Campesino Music Festival, "Despensa Agrícola de Colombia," held in Cajamarca, Tolima. The group has also been invited to perform at the Reading and Writing Festival of Chocó FLECHO 2023, the Cumbancha Festival in 2021 and 2022, and the Coquí Aguacero Festival in Nuquí, Chocó in 2021. Moreover, along with LiberArte and other groups, Tambacum actively organizes and promotes the Festival del Tamborito , a significant event that celebrates the vibrant cultural heritage of the region. Held every year January 5-7th in Nuquí, Chocó, Colombia.

Beyond their involvement in festivals and cultural gatherings, Tambacum contributes to the cultural and social life of Nuquí by participating in the festivities of the Virgen del Carmen and organizing cultural evenings on the beach. Their presence in these events creates a sense of unity, pride, and appreciation for the community's traditions, fostering a stronger bond between the people and their cultural heritage.

Tambacum's commitment to preserving and promoting the cultural traditions of Nuquí shines through their vibrant performances and active engagement in community events. We are honored to welcome them as LiberArte's new artist in residence. 

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Photo by Paula OG 

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